Accident Compensation, Healthcare & Benefits design

Accident compensation cover to ensure that companies have the right insurance policies in place to protect company against work injury compensation claims under the local law and regulation. The coverage may consist of death and permanent incapacity, salary during treatment and medical expeneses arising from the accident. To widen the coverage for the benefit of employees, and also to avoid complexity in claim handling, companies quite often ask for 24/24 personal accident cover, instead of cover for labor accident only.

Illness and desease are covered under Healthcare insurance. The basic of coverage is in-patient treatment and surgery expeneses, and optional coverage for out-patient treatment, detal treatment and maternity. With the demand of insured, healthcare insurance can be extended to cover for death due to illness and desease.

Due to the diversification of the program, our dedicated team will coordinated with your HR team in designing a comprehensive healthcare program that meet the specific needs of your company and the best terms of the healthcare insurance market.

Our service including both insurance and healthcare management for a company, including:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Benefits Design & Management for benefits program
  • Claims Management
  • Health talk
  • Training for insurance program