Manufacturing & Processing

Depending on products and production process, each manufacturing company will have different risks in terms of frequency and severity. In Vietnam, apart from big loss upto now due to uncontrollable matter such as storm and flood, other big loss belong to fire incident happened to some areas of production like car assembly, glass producing, furniture, paper, rubber and foam, warehouse with the main causes are electric short circuit or ignition.

For manufacturing, companies invest in a large number of properties, machinery and equipment, materials of all kinds, with the development of science and technology, the change of regulation and standard applied, diversified suppliers led to new risks and more complexility, therefore it is a need for companies to have assigned position in-charge of risk management.

Experiencing for years in setting up and managing insurance program for manufacturing & processing companies, we understand well the issues of each manufacturing industry and share the issues of each risk for clients’ consideration, then create an insurance program that protects your financial loss and reducing business volatility.