We design insurance program for ship-owners, shipyards, ports and terminals, charters, manufacturers, traders, logistics services and construction projects. The insurance cover includes, but not limited to:

  • Hull and Machinery
  • Protection and indemnity (ship-owners, characters and shipping professionals)
  • Other Ship-owner’s Liability
  • Ship Buider’s Risk and Insurance for Buyers
  • Insurance package for marine projects
  • Cargo Exposures
  • Oil and product tankers
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Cruise/ Passenger/ Yachts and Pleasure Crafts
  • Construction (onshore and offshore)
  • Shore Side operation (Ports, Terminals, and other Facilities)
  • Crew Personal Accident Cover/ Passenger Personal Accident Cover

Beside the terms and considitions stated in the insurance policy, the operation of marine insurance is linked to laws, regulations and practices of marintine; we support the orgniazations in arranging, imprementing the insurance policy and providing claim services.